Wooden Flooring

Wood is a common choice as a flooring material and can come in various styles, colors, cuts, and species. Wooden flooring is best choice for the floor in Residences, because of its Special features and answer to FAQ’s as Listed Below.

  • Wooden flooring Looks is better than any other choice of flooring.
  • It gives esthetic looks to entire room interiors and complements to the walls and furniture.
  • Hassel free installation/a day of work save time which makes difference in healthy life in the busy schedule.
  • It’s easy to maintain - need to do wet squeezed mob or just broom.
  • Laminate wooden flooring not only saves time it is economical than any other flooring.
  • It is best choice of flooring where we have small kids, Kids can play around coz neither its get too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. In Europe its common choice of flooring because weather is chill in winter.
  • Most of the wooden flooring are scratch and dent resistance.

Material and specification: Laminated wooden flooring is made up of High Density Fiber, and the top layer is of laminate, where aluminum oxide is sprayed on the top Layer which make it Scratch Resistance.